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Over the years Centerline Property Services has developed lasting relationships with an experienced team of sub-contractors, vendors, property managers and real estate professionals.  Some of our sub-contractors have been with CPS for over 15 years providing exceptional service at reasonable prices.  They are true professionals at their specific trades and we are excited to call them part of our team.


Our history

A small family run business with big dreams, Centerline Property Services has grown into a full service company focused on foreclosure management, property preservation and general contracting in Sacramento and Placer Counties, California.  Are service areas are:   .


Our mission

Our mission is and always will be to provide the best service to our clients.  We have an extensive network of vendors and contractors who share our values and philosophy.  They all take great pride in their craft.

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Centerline Property Services

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Our Services

Property Inspection & Consultation

Rental & Multi Family Unit Renovations

Property Inspection & Consultation


Many of our clients are out of the area and need a real estate professional to complete a site visit to their properties.  We provide a detailed report of our findings and photo documentation.  In addition, we also provide repair estimates and recommendations.

Mortgage Field Services

Rental & Multi Family Unit Renovations

Property Inspection & Consultation


We work closely with banks, lending institutions and mortgage field servicers managing pre-foreclosure and REO properties.  We offer a cradle to grave service and large geographical areas for our clients.

Rental & Multi Family Unit Renovations

Rental & Multi Family Unit Renovations

Rental & Multi Family Unit Renovations


As owners of rental property, Centerline Property Services understands that communication with management companies and landlords is paramount.  Many of our clients are out of town and can't always be at the property in person.  Once we have proper authorization we deploy our team to inspect, take digital photos, and work up a proposal for the owner/client.  

Demolition & Hauling

Real Estate Agents & Property Managers

Rental & Multi Family Unit Renovations


Just purchased a property and need to get it cleaned out?  Sub-standard room addition need to be removed and hauled away?  Are you a mortgage field service company that needs a quick trash-out?  Centerline can make all your headaches go away with one call. 

Fiduciary Partners

Real Estate Agents & Property Managers

Real Estate Agents & Property Managers


Fiduciaries and the clients they serve has become a major part of our business model.  We offer a wide array of services for a one call alternative to the Fiduciary Industry for their real estate needs.  From minor repairs to inspections and consultation, Centerline can work within any budget and time frame.

Real Estate Agents & Property Managers

Real Estate Agents & Property Managers

Real Estate Agents & Property Managers


Centerline works with property management companies in Northern and Southern California.  For large complexes we can provide a back-up solution when the on-site maintenance crews are overwhelmed.  We also have a vision of what prospective tenants are shopping for and can provide options for owners & landlords.

Single Family Residential and Multi-Family Unit Renovations


Absentee Owners

As an absentee owner of rental and vacation properties I can relate to being on the other side of hiring people to work on my properties while away.  Trust comes over time working with each other and establishing a good working relationship.  We want to be the last contractors you will ever have to call for any repairs that you need.  CPS also offers real time photo updates and video walk-troughs while on-site to ensure that you (the owner/client) is kept up to date with the project.  We pride ourselves with great  communication and workmanship.

Property Managers/Landlords

At CPS we see many rental units in various stages of condition.  From the extreme needing a full renovation to the hardly lived in that only requires a carpet cleaning and basic wipe-down.  We can usually get to the jobsite on the same day and start your project.

Home Owners and Investors

If you're a home owner looking for a renovation contractor then look no further.  Please give us a call at CPS and we will be happy to meet you at the property and take a look at your project.  Investors are exciting to work with because they have vision and insight on trends and the current marketplace.  At CPS we have long lasting relationships with Home Owners and Investors and can't wait till they call us for their next project.  

Working with County/City Officials

We have had extensive experience working the building inspectors and city/county officials.  There is nothing that can slow a project more than the Government.  We take great strides to eliminate any restrictions on our permits or try to hide anything from inspectors.  We ask questions and give solutions to issues that might arise during a project.  We can usually correct any code issues in 24/48 hrs.  

Mortgage Field Services

Cash for Keys

Determing Occupancy

This can be a very daunting task for an inexperienced crew.  Many times false information is relayed to the client because the field crew doesn't want to take the time to investigate the property or speak with neighbors.  Neighbors can be the best source of knowledge and credible information.  Posting of documents, securing stickers and detailed photos are key factors with an initial securing order.  Centerline is also a licensed locksmith company that is bonded in California.

Evictions and Cash 4 Keys

Evictions are the last resort but a necessary service in the foreclosure industry.  We are local field representatives that can meet law enforcement officials at the property and secure it within moments.  Your new keys will be waiting for you in a secure lockbox.

Cash 4 Keys is another option.  We can meet the occupants on your behalf and negotiate an incentive for them to vacate the property at a given time and in a certain condition.  Once the obligation has been met and paperwork signed, we exchange the incentive for the keys.  We then secure the property with a new set of keys and place them in a lockbox with a specific code of your choice. 

Securing & ReKey of Locks

As a licensed and bonded locksmith we can provide instant results while at the property.  We carry many different types of locks and securing equipment.  You can choose your own custom key/lockbox codes or maybe one that is standard with your company.  We carry the HUD approved board-up materials and have local knowledge of the city/county ordinances.

Demolision and Debris removal

Centerline has specialized equipment that can move large amounts of debris and make quick work of a multi unit interior demolition. Our sub-contractors have been in the industry for many years and are experienced in city/county regulations and the most cost effective ways of debris/demo removal.


As a licensed general contractor, plumbing contractor, real estate agent and locksmith we can provide a one call option to get your property secured, cleaned-up, reapired and back on the market in record time. 


We have a diverse group of real estate professionals who can market your properties if requested.  We can provide a BPO and marketing strategy for you to review and use to make a sound decision.